If you’re looking to travel to Asia, a vibrant and growing continent, you’re going to want to read this list, and use it as a point of reference to begin your holiday planning!

1. Bali, Indonesia

Infamous for the Bali Bombings in 2002, Bali has reshaped itself with tighter security to prevent any such incidences from happening. Bali offers beautiful resorts unlike any other South East Asian country (comparable to beaches in Thailand and Cambodia perhaps)

A natural place where the Sound, Space, Time, People and Culture will vibrate your heart into the deepest place..

2Chiang Mai, Thailand

Although very recognisable, many tourists go to Chiang Mai for the wrong reasons. It’s culture is, at it’s lowest, still a shining beacon of beauty for the Thai people, who hold annual festivities, such as the lantern festival known as “Loi Krathong” (try pronouncing this in thai, they’ll love you for it! )

Although the golden shine of the temple Phrathat Doi Suthep will leave you blind, your eyes won’t crucify you because they would have just seen a magnificent site.

3Boracay Island, Philippines

Beautiful weather to go surfing, swimming, snorkeling or simply sleeping by the pool. The boracay islands offer cheap hotels and beautiful pristine beaches, The people of the Philippines are very nice.

Best months to visit:

October to December is a great time to be in Boracay. But if you want to be alone and just want to enjoy the solitary part of Boracay with your special someone, Nonetheless, you can enjoy most of your day in night life and fun, These are peak hours, however, so you might want to book your accommodation in advance

4Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia

In about almost ALL of the lists on the Internet, Siem Reap ranks #1 as the top destination in Asia. Siem Reap is a popular destination because Angkor what, a vast and complex temple structure, is situated there. Though over 1 Million tourists visit the monument each year, the temple keeps its peaceful ambience, allowing introspective thoughts to foster. Leave about 1-2 days to completely explore Angkor what and maybe another day to explore the Bayon Temples; a temple structure that features about 50 carved faces of the 12th Century Khmer King.

At night, the city of Siem Reap buzzes, with many different markets, bars, clubs, hotels and resorts lining up to serve you. Definitely visit Siem Reap and Angkor what if you want an affordable, yet mind blowing holiday.

Visit Siem Reap in the Khmer New Year and enjoy the absolutely vibrant atmosphere that the city has to offer, with parades, festivals and many cheap bargains!

5Macau, People’s Republic of China

Macau is home to the growing fashion industry of Asia, as well as a casion everywhere you look. Mainland Chinese people often visit Macau to try their luck in these well known casinos.

If you love shopping and fashion, then you’ll love the DUTY FREE shopping centre (mall) “Shoppes Cotai” that offers Asia’s finest and newest fashion labels. The enitre mall has been engineered to be an aesthetic appreciation of venice; the stores resembling venetian architecture, the ceilings resembling the skies and a long canal of water runs through the middle of the beautiful hallways. You can even pay to enjoy a calm and soothing gondola ride after a long day of shopping.

Though Macau may seem pricey, it is definitely worth spoiling yourself!

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